Dream Reader?

Thinking over this assignment ( and possibly over-thinking it ), one thing went through my scattered mind, ” I HAVE NO IDEA WHO MY “DREAM READER” IS!!! I’m new at this. I just want someone to read and enjoy what I write, and possibly take away something useful. I hope those reading will offer kind words of inspiration and support and I will do the same.

Of course, I would love for Norman Reedus or Robert Kirkman to read. Heck, Dean Koontz, James Patterson. D.J. Molle… you get the idea. I know I’m not exactly the writer/artist those guys are, but maybe someday. Maybe Lacee Swan ( is she still around? ) or Nicole from Mom Trends will start following me, or some other ProBlogger ( and yes, I just mixed zombies, murder, fashion, and family all in the same paragraph ). But if not, maybe another beginner thinking that what they have written is inadequate or too short or long. Anyone, Everyone! YOU, are my “Dream Reader”!


1. Today Is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday

“Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.” What does that really mean? Take a moment to reflect. How many times have we told ourselves “I’ll make that change, tomorrow…” or “I’ll start eating better/healthier, tomorrow…” We’ve all said it, probably on more than one occasion. Why? What is it about our generation that we all take tomorrow for granted. Why do we assume that tomorrow will arrive? Is it in our nature to procrastinate? Who knows? I certainly don’t, but what I do know is that Today is as good a day as any.

Today, I am writing my first “real” blog entry. I said I would start tomorrow because I couldn’t think of anything to write, however, Today is as good a day as any.